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Malabar Charitable Trust was formed on 5th January 1999 in Kozhikode with the objective of providing facilities and assistance by way of medical relief to the sick and infirm by supply of medicines, undertaking treatments, and arranging financial assistance for support to the aged, sick and ailing who stand in need of such help, to foster and educate orphans and destitute without any discrimination of caste and creed, to provide financial assistance by way of grant, aid and scholarships to the poor and deserving students for proceeding with their studies, to help girls in indigent circumstances for the conduct of their marriage, to extent aid to persons affected by natural calamities like flood, draught and fire, to render social services by construction of wells and planting of trees.

For a company that is into the business of high-value luxury products like gold and diamonds and expensive watch brands meant for the affluent, the sight of people from the lower financial strata of society walking into its plush showrooms on high streets in major cities would seem downright incongruous. But charity is ingrained so deeply in the Malabar Group DNA that the less privileged and needy are always welcome to walk into any showroom to seek assistance. Each store has a designated staff member involved with the company’s charity activity, guided by the store head.

Medical assistance is normally offered on reference so that it is not misused, and those with chronic diseases are provided up to Rs 8,000 per year. For those who need medicines, the company has tie-ups with pharmacies from where the beneficiaries can collect the required medicines, and the pharmacy bills the company.

Says Chairman, MP Ahammed, “Profitability is mandatory for any organization to survive, but that is not the sole purpose of doing business. One has to be honest in what- ever one does, and there must be an unshakeable commitment to the society.” He says that he feels most satisfied when the company is able to help solve someone’s housing need or helping terminally sick patients. Little wonder, the group began CSR activities decades before the government made it mandatory for corporates to share its profits with the society.

The operations of the trust are spread across 12 states in the country and function along with each Malabar Gold and Diamonds store.

Malabar Housing Charitable Trust was floated with the objective of helping the poor and needy people in the construction of houses.

The charitable activities have been done through Malabar Housing Charitable Trust and Malabar Charitable Trust since 1999. Over the last 25 years, the group has contributed substantially to the overall welfare of the society through various initiatives like supply of free life-saving medicines, financial aid for the construction of homes for the homeless, women empowerment programs, girl student scholarships and environment protection activities. The Malabar Housing Charitable Trust under Malabar Group has already given financial aid for 15000 homes in India.

Malabar Group has also donated generously to the Chief Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund during the Kerala floods and has also assured the state government of further assistance and support through Malabar Housing Charitable Trust for rebuilding the damaged houses of the poor.

The activities include:

  • For whom a home is a dream: Construction of houses (providing roof construction materials) for the homeless and needy.
  • Expanding access to Healthcare: Providing life saving drugs through various Malabar Gold and Diamonds showrooms. Free checkups, lab assistance and medicines through mobile medical clinics & medical camps are also being done.
  • Empowering Womanhood: “Empowering Education Empowering Womanhood” has taken various initiatives including Scholarship distribution and skill development programmes for women.
  • Making a difference to the planet at grassroot level: Initiatives for a clean environment such as Zero Waste and Green Environment awareness campaign & Beat Plastics campaign are being organised in this sector.
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